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Xcel After-School Program


Our Mission


Help students recognize the unlimited possibilities that lie before them, believe in their ability to do great things, succeed in the important relationships of their lives, and make a difference in their world.

Develop a Positive Belief in Self and Future

LogoDevelop a Positive...

Xcel will provide students with opportunities to explore not only what their interests are, but more importantly who they are. We will help students recognize the unlimited possibilities that lie before them, believe in their abilities to do great things, and positively affect who they are. Our goal is to empower students to use their talents to make a difference for their future and their world.

Assist in Homework Help

LogoAssist in Homework...

We recognize that education is key to unleashing a future of unlimited possibilities! We will assist students with homework and work with USD 305 staff to help students succeed at school. We will maintain a low student-to-mentor ratio and employ energetic mentors who possess either an education background or experience with youth and leadership.

Encounter Christ

LogoEncounter Christ

Xcel believes the most important relationship any person has is their relationship with God. Xcel offers Christian discipleship to students interested in learning about Jesus or deepening their faith in Him. Xcel does not require any student to participate in discipleship.

Explore Leadership

LogoExplore Leadership

Xcel will define the qualities of leadership, then develop and strengthen the leadership traits that lie within each student. Students will learn of the many opportunities to serve and lead within their community.

Engage in Innovative Tech-Rich Projects

LogoEngage in Innovative...

Yes, the 21st century is here! Xcel will use technology-rich projects as learning tools to provide students with the skills they will need to live and operate in a 21st century world. These innovative projects will provide enrichment to their classroom curriculum and demonstrate new and creative ways to learn.

Recognize and Develop Important Relationships

LogoRecognize and Develop...

The majority of successful people, in part, owe their success to their ability to build and maintain relationships. These relationships help us celebrate moments of triumph, or to survive times of despair. Xcel wants to help students recognize the important relationships of their lives and help them be successful in them.

Provide Unique Opportunities and Rewards

LogoProvide Unique...

We believe great learning happens in the classroom, but it doesn't stop there! We want to expose students to many different opportunities by bringing in guest speakers, taking them on field trips, and providing "behind-the-scenes" action not everyone gets to experience. We know that learning is a reward in itself, but we also want to celebrate student successes! There will be reward opportunities scattered throughout the program year!